ASPG CARAVAN GROUP was founded by a group of military reserve officers in 2009 for the request of marine companies, which had constant conflicts related with piracy in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the northern coast of Africa – namely Nigeria.

Our competence begins where competence of your state ends. The activity of the company is directed on ensuring the safety of crews, ships, cargo and your business only in the world’s high-risk zones.

Company includes people who have extensive combat experience in the hot spots, as well as experts of the other services.

More than 70 successful missions in Africa and 30 evacuation programs in Ukraine.Among our partners: Viged BV, Amarante International, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, MEDEF, M6, BFMTV, CAC40.

What we do:
– Maritime security;
– Searching for hostages;
– Releasing and returning them back to their homeland.

Our main bases are concentrated on Maldives (Port of Malé), Madagascar (Port in Nosy-Be), Egypt (Suez Port) and Oman (Muscat Port). Except basic protection equipment against pirates, groups of maritime security have high-speed motor boats “Sillinger” brand, the autonomy of which is 250 nautical miles. To avoid unnecessary financial costs (as payment for marine agents, payment for storage of special equipment, air travelling, etc.) till September 2013 we plan to put our own fleet in the Red Sea and in the Indian Ocean. Our prerogative is to minimize client costs on ensuring his safety, as well as high mobility and independence from some countries, where policy against security companies changes very often. With this aim we invite maritime and insurance companies, which have permanent contracts in this region, to cooperate with us.
Searching department works in countries where political instability, security forces, corruption and radical religious movements are interrelated, and in this case the issue of the search of hostages and their return, has no interest, or vice versa – has a great interest for financial criminal gangs. Searching Department includes experts from Ukraine, Russia, France, Britain, the U.S. and the Middle East, what enables us to operate with a wide maneuverability and offers visa-free entry to the country we are interested in. Department works closely with the representatives of the embassies of searching countries, French company ANTICIP and OROPEX Group.
The work of this team involves: – negotiations with pirate groups concerning release captured ships and crews on behalf of interested parties; – delivery of redemption in extremely dangerous regions of Somali, Nigeria and other countries; – releasing enslaved persons, as well as lobbying governments to direct their efforts for the issue of relevant documents, required for returning of liberated citizens home. Department includes international advocates and lawyers working in this area, professional negotiators, as well as action-group, able independently resolve issues connected with release.