During the work, our clients have been repeatedly attacked by armed pirates, gangster groups, raiders, as well as by single aggressive inadequate individuals.

In many cases, the protection and use of weapons against bandits was impossible because we were in the jurisdiction of countries where the use of weapons is prohibited by the law of these countries.

Therefore, the company STARYY OLEKSYNETS began to use a new defense technique – Defensive Security Acoustic System (DSAS). This system is classified as a long-range informative acoustic equipment. Made in the USA.


  • protection of ships, ports, airports, luxury shops, hotels, shopping moles, schools, churches, private houses and villas;
  • against the attack of single criminal subjects, and groups of aggressively minded marauders.

How it works:

When one or more individuals enter the protected area, motion sensors become activated. What automatically triggers DSAS.

Step 1. Provides information that you have entered a private protected area
Step 2. Conviction. The system gives 5 seconds to leave the territory
Step 3. Warning. The ultrasound signal is turned on at 156 dB directionally

DSAS can be managed autonomously using an application on the device, or by a security officer

Implications for Violators

  • causes a sharp acoustic ear pain
  • sudden feeling of overwhelming dread, anxiety, and fear
  • inability to recognize where the sound comes from
  • strong desire for leaving discomforting area
  • staying more than 30 seconds in the DSAS coverage area can cause disorientation, vomiting, headache, loss of consciousness

The system periodically turns off to

go to Step 1
go to Step 2

DSAS is certified and consists of the high-precision electronic expensive materials.

Each project is individual and needs from 3 to 5 months to be constructed.


  • 15 – 40 kg
  • acoustic performance up to 168 dB
  • communication range up to 5,5 km
  • operational range up to 2 km
  • sound projection 15° – 180°
  • power consumption 12 – 220 Volt
  • production time 3-4 months
  • price starts from 50 000 €