Ballistic goggles-mask TREVIX-2

Ballistic goggles-mask TREVIX-2


NATO STANAG 2920 Standard V50 = 276 m/s (FSP=0,325 g; distance 3.8 m)

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Technical Characteristics: (both models)

•    Ventilation system prevents sweat, shutting out the ingress of dust and sand;
•    Possibility to place a dioptric frame with corrective lenses;
•    Anti-fog and anti-scratch layers on each lens;
•    Elastic material of frame facilitates the dense and comfort fitting to the face;
•    Option for a quick lenses change depending on the different conditions of illumination;
•    Low profile provides wonderful compatibility with helmets, different devices of supervision and night vision;
•    Absence of optical distortions;
•    Protection from UVW of types A and B;

List of equipment TREVIX-2:

  • Polyamid frame with high quality foam inserts;
  • 3 polycarbonate ballistic lenses (3.0 mm thickness): transparent, orange and gray with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating;
  • Anti-glare cover;
  • 2 napkins for lenses care;
  • Case for the whole set
  • Product list

Additional options (for both models):

  • Hard case;
  • Diopter frame;
  • Attachments for the side rails (set)